Bar threading machine, Steel bar threading machine

For a long time, Bar Threading Machine has been the best and most utilized machine for all bar threading and related purposes. Bar Threading Machine has satisfied the notoriety of being the best Bar Threading Machine by giving the most precise and précised threading results. Bar Threading Machine fabricated at modern hardware partnership has been popular for its vigor, plan and also delivering best quality outcomes even while working in the harshest working conditions. The best part about Bar Threading Machine that in spite of having such a significant number of characteristics, this machine does not consume the pockets of the purchasers and furthermore once purchased this machine is prepared to labor for quite a long while without really requesting support so this machine is additionally a demonstrated one for its low upkeep cost.


A Round Bar Threading Machine is utilized in manufacturing plants and device rooms to cut an external thread on the bars and this machine capacities on the chasing method where the bar is made to remain unaffected at one place and make the bite the die head turn around it to deliver superfine threads on the bar. HSS tangential chasers are sent in Round Bar Threading Machine for threading reason and this machine is equipped for cutting different assortments of threads. In any case, this assortment would come contingent upon the sort of chaser that is being utilized around then. For the most part, a Bar Threading Machine can draw the accompanying sort of threads on bars:-

  • BSP
  • BSPT
  • NPT
  • UNF
  • UNC
  • BSW
  • ACME Threads

The Bar Threading Machine made by us at our Ludhiana based unit has influenced us to get the tag of being the best Bar Threading Machines Manufacturers. The motivation behind why this has happened is that for right around 10 years we have been making the Bar Threading Machine with most extreme love and full consideration that no blemished raw material is utilized to make these machines. Over these ten years of being good to go, we are completely mindful of the considerable number of methods and most recent innovation winning in the market, which could improve the working capacity of our Bar Threading Machine. Every one of the gears and levers of our Bar Threading Machine have an additional extensive face for better grasping while at the same time working and all are made up utilizing most elevated quality steel as raw material. Our Bar Threading Machine has an additional fine cut on hobbing which makes it affirmed that the machine won’t make noise while working at its fullest speed. Listed below are the names of different parts of a Bar Threading Machine:-

  • Base
  • Head Stock
  • Saddle
  • Pillar Or Bed Type Clamping Vice
  • Die Head

We comprehend that the general working capacity and quality of the machine lies in its body, hence forth we ensure that just the best quality raw material is utilized to make our Bar Threading Machine. We have a devoted quality checking group, whose principle undertaking to keep a strict vigil on the nature of raw material coming in. they have been given full specialist to dismiss the raw material even with a tinge of imperfection or blame in it.


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